PM: Ya'alon dragged mourning families into fights

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed harsh criticism towards Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz and former IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt. -Gen. (ret.) Moshe Ya'alon following interviews the two had given last week. Olmert addressed the cabinet on Sunday, minutes after MKs voted on the Winograd Commission - the committee appointed to investigate the management of the war in Lebanon. "It is a shame that (Ya'alon) is dragging families in mourning - who lost what is dearest to them - into the argument. It is a pity that the families are being used to settle personal disputes," Olmert said in response to Ya'alon's comments on the countless deaths of IDF soldiers over the course of the war in Lebanon. Olmert continued, saying that he did not "understand how one dared to tell dozens of families that their sons were lost for the sake of a "photo opportunity", even before a committee had examined all the facts."