Police arrest 8 Kafr Kassem residents in murder of TA security guard

Police made a major breakthrough in the murder of security guard Alexander Pozbadetski on Wednesday, arresting eight Kafr Kassem residents in connection with his death. Police said it appeared that in the January incident the group got into a fight with the guard outside the Golda nightclub in Tel Aviv, as a result of which Pozbadetski and two others were hurt. Allegedly, the eight suspects and their families then followed the guard when he was on his way to a hospital in a taxi and one of them shot at the vehicle, killing Pozbadetski and moderately wounding both the driver and another security guard. On Thursday, the two chief suspects, Mohammed Badir and Ayman Taha, are due to be charged with murder and conspiracy to murder, and police said they were certain there was sufficient evidence against all eight suspects, most of which was gathered from security camera footage. However, the suspects' lawyers claimed that their clients had nothing to do with Pozbadetski's death.