Police arrest band of 3 kidnappers

Gang held prominent J'lem businesswoman, maid for $3.5m. ransom.

SWAT team 311 (photo credit: Channel 2)
SWAT team 311
(photo credit: Channel 2)
A band of three suspected kidnappers was arrested in the last few days, police cleared for publication on Sunday. The Jewish men are being held for allegedly kidnapping a prominent businesswoman and her housekeeper from the businesswoman's Jerusalem home about a week and a half ago, according to a police statement.
The statement added that the women were held for ransom at gunpoint in a Petah Tikva apartment for three days, before being rescued unharmed.
Police intelligence led them to stake out an apartment in Petah Tikva.
On Tuesday morning, the kidnappers, sensed the police on their track and decided to move the two women to another hideout. Police who were staking out the apartment, saw a man leave with the two women, followed them, stopped the car, subduing the man, Michael Yaruslevsky, and rescued the two women at Shimshon junction.
A ransom demand for $3.5 million was found in the car.
The team at the apartment then broke into it, finding dozens of handguns, rifles, nightvision goggles, telescopic sites, handcuffs, bulletproof vests, fake passports and IDs, makeup kits and other equipment.
Further investigation led the police to the two other kidnappers: Robert Abayev and Nati Petrokov of Bat-Yam.
The kidnappers were remanded in custody for 10 days.
The investigation and search for other accomplices continues, the police statement noted.