Police nab former cop on the lam for fraud

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police 88
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After months of pursuit, Immigration Police arrested a former police officer at his Sderot hideout on Monday after he allegedly defrauded foreign workers and went on the run to avoid prosecution. Dep.-Cmdr (ret.) Shimon Kornblau, 60, originally of Netanya, was an interrogations officer for the Sharon police sub-district before retiring and launching a second career as a lawyer. Approximately a year ago, police began receiving complaints from foreign workers and others over legal services promised by Kornblau that had been paid for, but were never actually provided. The former cop was arrested and indicted on fraud charges, but quickly disappeared, thereby freezing all legal proceedings against him, Ch.-Supt. Lion Hirsch, who led the investigation, told The Jerusalem Post. As a fugitive, Kornblau used his inside police knowledge to evade capture, taking such steps as severing all ties with his family and moving from one apartment to the next. He managed to stay one step ahead of police over several months. "Every time we got close, he would move to the next hideout," Hirsch said. "This continued until we found him in Sderot. This was an extensive investigation. It took us time to catch up with him," he added. A Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court extended Kornblau's remand by four days on Monday.