Police: We've solved prostitute's murder

Police Weve solved pro

Police announced Friday that they had solved the case of Annette Peretz, a 67-year-old prostitute who was murdered some eight months ago in her apartment near the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. Police said that the suspect, 45-year-old Aziz Davidov, was in custody and had been positively identified with the help of DNA found on the murder victim's body. Davidov, who has no fixed address, was arrested three days ago in a routine search on an abandoned house on Tel Aviv's Yavne Street. Davidov admitted to the murder and reenacted it for police. He told police that he and his girlfriend had rented a room in Peretz's apartment on Erlinger Street for few hours, and that they later returned to rob her. Davidov said that when Peretz resisted, he hit her, causing her to fall and receive a fatal blow to the head. The suspect was remanded for six days in custody.