Policeman allegedly attacks 2 Arabs

Officer suspected of trying to beat Taiba men with baton and shouting "Death to Arabs" in drunken rage.

A Kfar Saba policeman who arrested two Arab Israelis in Taiba on Friday is suspected of trying to hit them with a baton while shouting "Death to Arabs," police said Sunday. According to the allegations, the policeman arrived at his night shift under the influence of alcohol. During the shift, the policeman arrested the two Taiba men and found a baton in their car. The two were taken to the local police station for questioning and released half an hour later. The police officer allegedly became enraged at the decision to release the two Arabs, and, according to eyewitnesses, tried to beat the men with the baton found in their car. The duty officer intervened to prevent the attack and Kfar Saba Police subsequently opened an inquiry into the incident.