Poll: Barak beating Ayalon in runoff

50% of kibbutz voters say they'll support Barak, 34% will vote for Ayalon.

Barak smiles 298.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Barak smiles 298.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
A day before Labor voters go to the polls to decide who will take over the party's reins, a Channel 10 poll on Monday showed former prime minister Ehud Barak winning the runoff race with 46 percent of the vote to Labor MK Ami Ayalon's 39%. The poll also showed Barak and Ayalon reversing their position among kibbutz voters. In the first round of the elections, Ayalon won 45% and Barak 41% among kibbutznikim, but Monday's numbers showed Barak pulling ahead to gain 50% of the kibbutz vote and Ayalon dropping to 34%. Seven percent of those polled were undecided, and eight percent refused to answer. Over the weekend, Ayalon and Barak had their final public appearances over the weekend ahead of Tuesday's runoff election. Both candidates slammed each other in last-minute bids to vie for Labor constituents. "The choice should be clear. Only new, fresh leadership can bring the Labor Party the vision it needs and return faith in our party," said Ayalon during an appearance at Kibbutz Deganya Bet in the North. "We cannot turn to the leadership of years past and expect new things." "Ayalon may have been hoping that an alliance with Peretz would bring him the Arab vote, but for every vote he gains there, he might lose another one in the kibbutz sector, the 'white' sector," said a Labor MK close to Barak. Sheera Claire Frenkel contributed to this report.