Pollard blasts Israel in phone interview

Calls Israel a "mafia" and says "Mofaz knowingly abandoned a soldier."

In a telephone interview Monday evening with talk-show host Yair Lapid, US prisoner Jonathan Pollard blasted the Israeli government for not recognizing him as an Israeli intelligence agent. Pollard focused his anger on Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, blaming Mofaz "personally" for his imprisonment. Pollard alleged Mofaz' unwillingness to help him was a "calculated refusal." "Mofaz has knowingly abandoned a soldier," Pollard said. Pollard's wife, Esther Pollard, appeared on Lapid's television show to forward her husband's cause. She said that Pollard was in a dire psychological state, and that every day he survived in prison was an accomplishment. She added that he was in serious danger in prison as there was much violence against Jews. Since Israel has not recognized Jonathan Pollard as an Israeli agent, Pollard bears no special criminal status within the American penal system. Pollard's wife argued that this made Pollard's treatment far more severe. Both Pollard and his wife said that the Israeli government had consciously disposed of him. Esther even said that the Israel wanted him to commit suicide. Pollard, in frustration, called the Israeli government a "mafia," which only protected its own. Jonathan Pollard, a former US Navy intelligence analyst, is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel.