Pollard slams PM's planned prisoner transfer

Imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard harshly criticized Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to honor a request from Jordan's king to allow four Jordanians convicted of killing an IDF soldier to serve out the remainder of their sentences in their home country, Army Radio reported on Sunday morning. In a letter sent to the parents of slain IDF solder Yehuda Livshitz, who was killed in a firefight with the four in November 1990, Pollard wrote: "Israel is duty-bound to return home all those who have fallen into captivity while serving the state but not through deals with the devil who promises to continue to spill Jewish blood." Reportedly, Livshitz's parents were set to consult a lawyer over the legality of the planned prisoner transfer. Prime Minister's Office officials said that while Olmert understood the pain of the Livshitz family, due to the "special relationship" between Israel and Jordan the prime minister had decided to forward Abdullah's request to expert officials and only after they had given their opinion would a decision be made. Regarding Pollard's letter, PMO officials said: "We have no interest in responding to remarks which certainly sound as if they come from the heart even though they are inaccurate."