'Post' CEO quits, hails paper's growth

Moshe Bar-Zvi says it's time to move on after two fruitful years.

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The Jerusalem Post's President and CEO, Moshe Bar-Zvi, announced on Tuesday that he will be leaving the company on June 1. In a letter to staffers, he said it was time to move on "after two and a half terrific, fruitful and fascinating years." Bar-Zvi's period at the Post has coincided with a dramatic increase in the circulation of the daily Jerusalem Post, a major upsurge in traffic on the Post's website at www.jpost.com, and the introduction of a range of new Post products including children's and youth magazines and a monthly Christian Edition. "We can see the fruits of our labor in the strengthening of the existing products and the successful introduction of new products," he said in his letter to staff. "Above all, we have an editorial operation and generate content that have established The Jerusalem Post in the first rank of the world's newspapers and The Jerusalem Report as the leading magazine in the Jewish world." Bar-Zvi praised the Post's staffers, saying he had "never before encountered so hardworking and dedicated a group of people as yourselves, creating a new reality every day."