Price of gov't-regulated dairy products to rise by 6% Wednesday

The price of government-regulated dairy products will rise by 6% on Wednesday, the Finance and Agriculture Ministries decided Tuesday. Under the new prices, a bag (as opposed to a carton or bottle) of 3% milk will cost NIS 4.75 - an increase of 7% over its current price. Long-life milk will cost NIS 6.02, while the price of a container of Eshel yogurt will rise 4.8% to NIS 1.5. Sour cream will cost NIS 2.11 (an increase of 4.4%), and whipping cream will cost NIS 5.06. The price of a 100-gram stick of butter will jump 8% to NIS 3.06. Emek hard cheese will cost NIS 42.8 per kilo (an increase of 6%), while Gilboa hard cheese will cost NIS 40.45 per kilo.