Proposal: Nix gay parade, support civil marriage

Two leaders from the gay-lesbian community proposed on Sunday morning that the upcoming Gay Pride Parade be canceled in exchange for the haredi political parties' support for the civil marriage law. The proposal was put forth by Sa'ar Netanel, a Meretz-affiliated Jerusalem city council member, and councilor Itai Pinkas, the Tel Aviv mayor's advisor on the gay community. Pinkas told Army Radio that the parade was simply a means, rather than an end. "This is not the last time that the subject will come up. They won't get rid of us so quickly. If they cooperate with us, we'll also be open to the things that they need," he said. "All they have to do when the civil marriage law comes up for discussion in the Knesset [is say], 'We're not there, this doesn't affect us. We are allowing this to pass,'" he said.