Protests against Saudi plan to be held in Golan

Hundreds of protesters are expected on Thursday at a demonstration in the Golan Heights against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's planned adoption of the Saudi plan. The event, organized by World Likud chairman Danny Danon, will take place in Katzrin, not far from the northern community in which Olmert will be vacationing in a cottage bed and breakfast. Former MKs Uzi Landau and Avigdor Kahalani and Likud Knesset candidate Yossi Peled, who is a former OC Northern Command, will lead tours of strategic sites in the Golan ahead of the protest. Several Likud MKs are set to speak at the event. "We will be going to the Golan to send a message to the world that the Golan is Israeli land and will remain ours forever," Danon said. "We are outstretching a hand in peace to Syria but for a peace based on the goodwill of the two nations and not on giving up our homeland."