Public service proposed for Ramon

Prosecution urges court not to give former justice minister special treatment.

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The Probation Service on Thursday recommended to Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court to erase the criminal conviction against former Justice Minister Haim Ramon and sentence him to 180 hours of community service. Ramon's lawyer, Dan Scheinemann, presented the recommendation to the court later in the day, and asked to endorse it. According to the report submitted by the Probation Service, Ramon said he was prepared to meet the woman whom he has been convicted of forcibly kissing. The prosecution objected to the Probation Service's recommendation, saying that Ramon should not be given special treatment because of his status (as a former minister) and should be tried according to the highest criteria. The prosecution requested that the original ruling be sustained. The hearing Thursday came after the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court ruled on February 21 to send Ramon before a parole board, as per the request of Ramon's attorneys. Ramon was unanimously and unequivocally convicted on February 1 of committing an indecent act for forcibly kissing a 20-year-old female soldier.