Reform gives Id al-Fitr donation

The Israel Movement for Progressive (Reform) Judaism distributed about 100 parcels of food to needy Muslim families in Shfaram on Tuesday in accordance with Islamic custom before the Id al-Fitr festival marking the end of the Ramadan. The Jewish delegation of about 60 also sent condolences to the families of four victims murdered on a bus in Shfaram on August 4 by Eden Natan Zada, an IDF deserter. The delegation, led by the executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center, Anat Hoffman, met with Shfaram Mayor Ursan Yasin and Shfaram Imam Ahmad Hassan. Hassan said it was customary during the month of the Ramadan to give charity to needy families. "Every Muslim with savings exceeding what is equivalent to NIS 6,000 is obligated to give 2.5% of his savings to the poor," said Hassan. "Muhammed taught that every rich person should give to the poor to make them feel rich. "Islam also encourages giving charity to Jews and attaches religious value to charity given by Jews to Muslims, especially in the month of Ramadan." The Israeli Reform movement also gave parcels of food to Arab Muslims in East Jerusalem, Jaffa and other Arab towns. Hoffman said that the Reform movement's foundation for the poor does not discriminate between Jews and those of other religions.