Report: Genot allegedly promoted aide sans degree

Israel Prisons Service Chief Warden and police-chief-to-be Yaakov Genot allegedly promoted his former spokesman, Ofer Lefler, despite the latter's lack of the Bachelor's degree necessary for such a promotion, Army Radio reported Sunday morning. A senior IPS official said that Genot had also worked to get Lefler money to rent an apartment, despite the fact that the spokesman's home did not meet the criteria for such a payment. According to the report, Genot was responsible for Lefler's current job as media adviser for Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter. However, although Lefler serves as a political aide, the report said, Genot has continued to pay Lefler's salary from the IPS coffers. The IPS responded to the report by saying that Lefler's rent funds had been approved by law. The Internal Security Ministry said that Lefler was employed in Dichter's office with the full knowledge and approval of the state commissioner.