Report: IDF fire wounds 4 Palestinians

Sources claim teens hurt at Kabatiya school; IDF: Pipe bombs thrown at troops.

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Four Palestinian youths were wounded by IDF gunfire near their school in the West Bank village of Kabatiya, south of Jenin, Palestinian sources claimed on Tuesday. According to the report on Israel Radio, two of the youths were wounded moderately and the other two lightly. The IDF also arrested nine Palestinian fugitives in the town during the operation, including three Islamic Jihad members, the sources said, claiming that the army had taken over several houses in the town. The army confirmed that an operation was underway in Jenin, adding that two pipe bombs had been thrown at IDF troops during the morning's operation and that the soldiers had reacted with the same methods used to disperse demonstrations. The IDF also confirmed that one Palestinian was wounded and had received medical treatment in a nearby hospital. In other IDF activity on Tuesday, troops found and detonated a bomb near the Gaza security fence. No one was hurt in the incident. Earlier Tuesday morning, the IDF left Gaza after a rare 24-hour ground incursion into the southern part of the strip, in which at least 40 Palestinians were detained. The army released all but a few of the detainees, who were transferred to Israel for further questioning. On Monday, the Palestinian Authority government approved a proposal for a truce, Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti announced. But the proposal also included the West Bank - an idea that Israel has rejected. Officials have called the Gaza truce a "sham" and say West Bank terrorists would use any lull to regroup and increase attacks. Yaakov Katz contributed to this report.