Rightists: Burn effigies of Obama

Group distributes likeness of president ahead of Lag BaOmer bonfires.

Obama Huh? 311 (photo credit: AP)
Obama Huh? 311
(photo credit: AP)
Every year, Israeli children gather around bonfires on the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer and burn the effigies of the enemies of the Jewish people. Perennial favorites in that category include the likes of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.
Now, a Jewish rightist group wants to add US President Barack Obama to that list.
Bentzi Gupshtain, a member of the outlawed Kahane Chai (Kach) party, said his organization is distributing hundreds of effigies of the US president for children to set fire to on Lag BaOmer May 2nd.
"The Israeli people's enemy is Barack Hussein Obama," Gupshtain toldIsrael Radio. "He is an anti-Semite and an Islamist. We received manyrequests from children all over Israel for the effigies and want toteach children to trust in God, not Obama."
During theinterview, Gupshtain drew a parallel between Obama and the latePalestinian leaders Yasser Arafat of Fatah and Ahmed Yassin of Hamas,saying they were all enemies of the Jewish State.
The Obama administration recently roused the ire of Israel's Right by insisting that Jewish construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem be frozen.
Kach is recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the European Union.