Rubinstein: Panel is totally trustworthy

Despite criticism over the method of appointing committee members to the Winograd Committee, the quality of the individuals chosen will make the committee trustworthy, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center President and former education minister Prof. Amnon Rubinstein told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. The Winograd Committee was appointed to investigate possible government mishandling of the conflict or any mistakes on the part of the military high command during the second Lebanon war. Protesters including the Movement for Quality Government have demanded the establishment of a state commission of inquiry. Responding to criticism that the Winograd Committee, which has the same powers as a the state commission but whose members are appointed by the cabinet, will have to investigate those who appointed it - the prime minister and the defense minister. Rubinstein emphasized that "Winograd is totally trustworthy and honest." In addition, he said, the Winograd Committee will work much faster than a state commission of inquiry, which in his words "has become a court of law looking for people to blame" that employs "legions of lawyers over a long time." Rubinstein turned down a request from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to head the committee of inquiry.