Services to be affected by Histadrut general strike

The following services and institutions are expected to participate in Wednesday morning's general strike:
  • All government offices;
  • all airports and seaports;
  • all railways;
  • all local authorities;
  • garbage collection workers. The Israel Lands Administration, the National Insurance Institute (NII), the electric company, and the Bezeq phone company will not answer phones and will not be open to the public. The courts and post offices will reduce their working hours and will not be open to the public. Emergency fire and rescue services will operate with a reduced workforce, as they do on Shabbat. The institutions and services that will not be affected by the strike are:
  • Magen David Adom;
  • health services, clinics, and hospitals;
  • special education;
  • public transportation, including the Egged and Dan bus services;
  • Naamat and WIZO daycare centers;
  • the Broadcasting Authority.