Shalem files NIS 4m. suit against Channel 2

The Shalem Center, a Jerusalem-based think tank, filed a libel suit in the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday demanding a public correction and apology from Channel 2 news and Amnon Abramovich, as well as NIS 4 million in damages.
The suit arose from statements made by news commentator Abramovich on a Friday night broadcast last month, in which he included the Shalem Center in an allegedly illicit financial relationship between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his ardent supporter, US billionaire Sheldon Adelson.
The center had demanded an apology and correction from Channel 2 to be broadcast at the beginning of a subsequent Friday evening central news broadcast.
“We expected Abramovich and Channel 2 to set the record straight by making a public correction of their errors, and to apologize for the defamatory accusations they made,” said a spokeswoman. “As they have not, we are forced to seek redress through the Israeli courts.”
She added, “Abramovich’s claims that the center did anything that was illegitimate or illegal are false, and if not corrected, are liable to harm the center’s reputation as an academic institution run in accordance with the highest standards of law, ethics, and professionalism.”