Sharon denies casino-ship allegations

Omri blanketly rejects Tafnit leader Uzi Dayan's statement.

Former Kadima MK Omri Sharon denied on Monday Tafnit leader Uzi Dayan's allegations that in 2002, Sharon tried to use his political influence to obtain the National Security Council's approval for Austrian businessman Martin Schlaff to operate a casino ship in Eilat. "It never happened," Sharon told Army Radio. Sharon declined to provide an explanation for Dayan's remarks, saying only that the former IDF deputy chief of staff was lying. "Uzi Dayan is running his campaign at my expense," Sharon said. "Everything sticks to me." Dayan, who was interviewed by the radio station immediately after Sharon, reiterated his assertion that Sharon was corrupt. "He was trying to run the country as 'the son of,'" Dayan said, adding that the public had to decide whom it preferred to see in politics - "People like [me], or people like Omri Sharon." In a follow-up interview on Israel Radio, Sharon said he had no idea why Dayan appeared to be targeting him. When asked if Dayan could be angry with Sharon for keeping him out of the Kadima party, Sharon insisted that he had no part in forming Kadima, and said that he was no longer involved in politics. "I've left public life. I'm going in another direction," Sharon said. "I don't believe a word he says," Dayan said.