Sharon photo sells on eBay for $18,000

Hadassah spokesperson says PM's room doesn't resemble the one in the photo.

arik sharon main 88 (photo credit: )
arik sharon main 88
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A Jerusalem resident has claimed to have photographed bedridden Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and was selling the photograph for $18,000 dollars on eBay. The man claimed that last Friday, while he was working as a Jerusalem flower shop delivery person, he was asked to bring the flowers to Sharon's room at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. The prime minister was lying in a medically induced coma in the neurosurgery department on the seventh floor there, but was moved on Saturday to the general intensive care unit following an operation due to complications in his digestive tract. The man says that he snapped the photo with his cellular phone. It was not clear how, with all the heavy security surrounding the prime minister, he would have been able to take the photo. According to Channel 2, a Hadassah spokesperson said that Sharon's room did not resemble the photo. Furthermore, doctors and medical staff in Sharon's ward have been offered money for photos of him, while one doctor was offered some NIS 60,000 for a photo. All of the offers were turned down. In the photo, another man is seen in the room with who is alleged to be Sharon, but both of their faces are completely blurred.