Sheba offers northerners housing, rehabilitation

Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer has offered housing, medical treatment and rehabilitation services to residents of the North who have had to leave their homes. Nursing students from northern Israel have already been admitted to hostels connected to Sheba and begun to take classes alongside Sheba nursing students preparing for the state licensing exam. The Shilav mini-hotel attached to the hospital will accept guests at reduced rates, while new mothers can rest at Sheba Baby (information at (03) 530-5200). Sheba has also asked people in the Tel Hashomer/Ramat Gan area to host people. Would-be hosts should call Dr. Varda Stenger, head of the social services department, at (03) 530-3553. In addition, people in need of neurological rehabilitation in Sheba's special swimming pool, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or other services can call Sheba at (03) 530-3725. Meanwhile, Yad Sarah has sent 15 infant beds to Netanya's Laniado Hospital, which is receiving babies from Safed's Ziv Hospital, whose neonatal intensive care unit is temporarily closing due to rocket attacks on the city. Rambam Medical Center in Haifa is treating 22 soldiers wounded Wednesday, including four in serious condition and four in moderate condition. Since the beginning of the violence in the North on July 12, Rambam has admitted 339 wounded patients - civilians and soldiers - 18 of them in seriously condition.