Shlomo Goldwasser: I pity Hizbullah

Eyal Regev: We understand the price; the State of Israel should be proud of returning the boys.

shlomo goldwasser 224 88 (photo credit: AP)
shlomo goldwasser 224 88
(photo credit: AP)
Speaking to reporters outside his Nahariya home Wednesday morning, several hours before the prisoner swap with Hizbullah was scheduled to take place, Shlomo Goldwasser, father of captured IDF soldier Ehud Goldwasser, said that he had no idea what condition his son was in. "We hope that this whole saga is behind us, I hope for the best," he said. "If Hizbullah's great achievement is the release of Kuntar, who is nothing but a repulsive murderer, then I pity them." His wife, Miki, expressed belief that her son was still alive, saying: "We will not surrender to Nasrallah's manipulations, and I still believe that Udi is alive." The family of Eldad Regev also expressed guarded optimism. Zvi Regev, his father said that he "hopes for the best," adding that "No one knows what befell the boys, and that is something that the mind cannot grasp." "Our son is in an unknown location, and this is of course very difficult for us," he added. "We understand the weight of the price and it is a source of pain," his son, Eyal, said. "The State of Israel should be proud of returning the boys; this is our moral responsibility towards their fate." The family was aware of reports that the prisoners were dead, he added, expressing hope that they were alive nonetheless.