Sodmi twins on trial for murder, one expected to confess

Naor and Adir Sodmi are accused of sexually abusing and then strangling 7-year-old Leon Kalantarov.

Leon Kalantarov (photo credit: Channel 10)
Leon Kalantarov
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Twin brothers Naor and Adir Sodmi, 24, of Bnei Ayish, accused of sexually abusing and murdering a seven-year-old boy were on trial at Petah Tikva District Court on Wednesday, 9 months after the shocking event.
It is believed that one of the brothers intends to confess to the crime, freeing the other from potential conviction.
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On January 1, the body of Leon Kalantarov was found wrapped in plastic bags under a bed in the home of the Sodmi twins. Subsequent forensic tests found  semen on the boy’s body.
The indictment sheet said one or both of the accused “rubbed their sexual organ against” the boy “and afterwards chocked him by placing their hands over his mouth and nostrils.”
The charge sheet continued, “Immediately afterwards, the suspects rolled plastic bags around Leon’s head and body. They placed him in this state into a crate underneath one of the beds in their room.”
The Sodmi twins are also accused of  indecent acts against other minors. The charge sheet detailed how the twins would entice minors to their home, where they were shown pornographic movies and sexually molested.