Soldier killed in training accident

Avi Saig, 20, laid to rest; IDF says he was exposed in the overturned APC.

evacuating injured  (photo credit: )
evacuating injured
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Avi Saig, who was killed in an APC accident, was laid to rest on Thursday evening, December 8, in Holon's military cemetery. In the accident, the APC in which Saig rode flipped over during a training exercise at the Shivta artillery-training base in the Negev earlier Thursday. Twenty-year-old Saig from Tel Aviv was crushed to death and three other servicemen were injured. The army, which did not immediately identify dead soldier, said he had apparently been standing on the rear part of the APC with his body exposed. The vehicle flipped when it traversed a steep slope and mortally crushed the soldier who couldn't get inside quick enough. The injured included a junior officer and two other soldiers. They were not seriously hurt but evacuated to Soroka hospital in Beersheba for treatment, the army said. The incident took place during a battalion exercise of the "Reshef" regiment. The family of the victim has been notified, the army said. OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Ya'ir Naveh, to which the battalion is attached, ordered an inquiry into the accident headed by Col. Rami Amadi.