Some workers defying general strike

Despite the Histadrut's declaration of a general public-sector strike, there are still a few defying it. Some Interior Ministry offices have refused to join the strike and opened to the public as usual Wednesday morning, Army Radio reported. Head of the civil servants union, Ariel Yaakobi, was attempting to shut down those offices, which are in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Kfar Saba, as well. A British Airways flight also attempted to take off after the strike started. The company turned to Ben-Gurion airport's labor union and asked them to allow the flight to leave Israel because the flight crew had not woken up in time to depart before the strike began. The union agreed to allow the flight to take off but without passengers. However, British Airways permitted the passengers to board. At which point, the union voided the deal and the flight was grounded - flight crew included.