Stabbing attack averted in Ramat Gan

After police stop Palestinians for questioning, woman tries to stab cop.

knife 88 (photo credit: )
knife 88
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A female resident of east Jerusalem was arrested Wednesday under suspicion that she planned on carrying out a stabbing attack against Israelis in Ramat Gan. A local police officer patrolling in the city noticed a suspicious private vehicle, which was located on Rehov Krinitzi. In the car were three Palestinians - two from east Jerusalem and the third from the Gaza Strip. Police officer approached the car and told the three to exit the vehicle to be searched. The female in the vehicle then pulled out a large knife and tried to approach the policeman closest to her. A municipal worker who was nearby noticed the woman, and warned the policemen, who wrested the knife from her hand. Following the incident, the three were detained for questioning by the Dan District Police. In the questioning, police discovered that one of the three was in Israel illegally, without an entrance permit.