State Department program offers 500 students summer jobs

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movers 88
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Five hundred Israeli university students will be able to work legally in the US this summer under the new Summer Work/travel program organized by the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participants will be able to work as au pairs and for retailers, movers and transport companies. Job placements will be made through two companies, Au Pair in America/AIFS and Work & Travel/Geo Visions. The program is designed to enable students from select countries to work in the US during their summer vacations while at the same time learning about American culture and business practices. The students will have the opportunity to travel to the US for up to five months - four months on work visas and then an additional month as tourists. The program is open to university students who will be continuing with their studies in the next academic year and students who have been accepted to second degree programs for next year. The application process is being administered by the A.A. America-Israel Society, which is already registering students for the program. After applications have been submitted, personal interviews are carried out through the US ambassador's office. Applications are due by June 1. Additional information can be obtained at or by calling (03) 620-6045.