Survivor inquiry commission appointed

Judge Dahlia Dorner will head the probe into the state's treatment of Holocaust victims.

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dorner 88
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Retired Supreme Court judge Dahlia Dorner will head the state commission of inquiry which will investigate Israel's treatment of Holocaust survivors, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch announced on Sunday. Joining Dorner on the committee will be two professors from the schools of economics and welfare studies. The probe will focus on the conduct of past and present governments in fulfilling agreements, promises and resolutions meant to support and assist Holocaust survivors. The Knesset State Control Committee ordered the establishment of the inquiry commission earlier this month. The decision was sparked by a highly critical report on the dire circumstances of many Holocaust survivors that was included in the state comptroller's annual report for 2007. This is only the second time since the State Comptroller's Law was enacted that the State Control Committee has utilized Article 14 b of the law. According to the article, 'The committee is authorized, according to its own initiative or at the recommendation of the state comptroller, to decide to appoint a commission of inquiry. Should it do so, the president of the Supreme Court will appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter.' About 250,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel. One-third of them live in poverty, recent welfare reports have shown.