Suspect dies, cop wounded in shootout

Gunfight erupts in R. Gan as police stop suspected hit on crime family member.

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In a scene more fitting for The Sopranos than downtown Ramat Gan, a shoot-out in broad daylight on Sunday left a police officer wounded and an assailant dead. From an initial investigation into the incident, it was discovered that police may have prevented an assassination attempt by members of the Lod-based Aberjil crime family on Nissim Alperon, brother of Ya'acov Alperon, head of a rival crime family. Police reportedly received intelligence information that the assassination was to take place and stationed forces in the area prior to the gunfight. Members of the International and Serious Crimes Unit (ISCU) who were operating in the area noticed a suspicious vehicle carrying three passengers driving around Rehov Rokah. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, but after the vehicle stopped moving, one of the three suspects jumped out of the car and opened fire in the direction of the police officers. Police sources emphasized that the officers were wearing hats identifying them as police officers and said they identified themselves clearly as such to the suspects. One of the police officers was wounded during the shoot-out and was evacuated in moderate condition to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital. The police officers returned fire toward the suspects and mortally wounded the shooter, a 21-year-old Jerusalem resident. Police also arrested the two other passengers in the car. Israel Police Commander of Intelligence and Investigations Yohanan Danino announced that he would hold a debriefing about the shooting at the ISCU headquarters late Sunday evening. All of the police teams involved in the afternoon incident will attend the meeting.