TA bomber worked with Jihad and Fatah

Senior al-Aksa source says the groups are cooperating on more attacks.

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The suicide bomber who detonated himself in Tel Aviv's old central bus station on Thursday was affiliated not only with the Islamic Jihad, who claimed responsibility for the attack, but with the Fatah, a senior member of the Fatah's al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades said Saturday. Abu Jihad Siel, as he is known, called Thursday's attack a "success," Army Radio reported. Siel said that the bomber made his way through Israeli security measures to strike "deep." A total of 14 people were wounded in the bombing, one seriously. Siel denied that Thursday's bombing was related to the Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections, which will take place on January 25. Rather, he explained, the attack was a response to Israel's "daily violations" of the ceasefire, and continued targeted killings of senior members of different terror organizations. On Tuesday, the IDF shot and killed the senior Hamas commander in Tulkarm, Tabeth Salah a-Din. Abu Jihad also announced that the Fatah and the Islamic Jihad were working together to execute additional terror attacks on Israel.