Teacher leaders: First stage of Dovrat failed

Leaders of the teachers' associations said on Thursday that the first stage of the Dovrat educational reform has failed. According to Yossi Wasserman and Ran Erez, Education Minister Limor Livnat did not abide by her promise to upgrade existing infrastructure and build computerized work stations for teachers or new washrooms, Israel Radio reported. They also argued that due to the cancellation of classes on Friday, school hours during weekdays are too long, resulting in a rise in absentees and more disciplinary problems. The Union of Local Authorities confirmed that in the 35 municipalities where the reform is being implemented, existing infrastructure has yet to have been upgraded as promised. Education Ministry Director General Ronit Tirosh admitted the problem of poor infrastructure, but stressed that it was only of a technical nature. According to Tirosh, in the majority of communities in which the reforms were adopted, the long school day and extra curricular activities are a success.