Teitel's remand extended by three days

Teitels remand extended

teitel with lawyer 248.88 ap (photo credit: AP)
teitel with lawyer 248.88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Prosecutors on Tuesday presented a Petah Tikva court with a request to indict alleged Jewish terrorist Ya'acov "Jake" Teitel for a litany of offenses, including first degree murder, weapons offenses, unlawful possession of explosives and racist incitement. A prosecution statement is a precursor to an indictment. The court extended Teitel's remand by an additional three days, and an indictment is expected on Thursday or Friday. Teitel's lawyer Adi Keidar told The Jerusalem Post that his client had undergone a psychological exam that he had arranged, but they were still awaiting the results. An earlier exam performed by a court-appointed psychiatrist had determined that Teitel was fit to stand trial. Keidar also said that his client is kept restrained in his cell 24 hours a day and is not given the same treatment as other inmates. Keidar said that following his request, the judge promised to examine the conditions of Teitel's incarceration. Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Keidar said he had no knowledge of whether or not Teitel had served as an informant or agent provocateur for the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service). "As far as I know he was never a Shin Bet agent," he said, but did say there was a possibility that Shin Bet agents did try to recruit him in the past. The Shin Bet has previously used right-wing activists to inform on Jews suspected of plotting violence against Palestinians or security personnel. Teitel also refused to say whether he had worked for the Shin Bet in the past. Sporting a grin and flashing a "V" for victory sign, Teitel entered the courtroom and was surrounded by a swarm of cameras. When asked if he was afraid, he shook his head and said "no." Teitel refused to respond to any other questions from reporters. Teitel is the main suspect in the murder of two Palestinians and the bombing of a messianic Jewish (Christian) family's home in Ariel that left their 15-year-old son seriously wounded. He is also suspected of planting a bomb at the home of Peace Now activist professor Ze'ev Sternhell that left him lightly wounded. Teitel had originally been a suspect in the shooting at a Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian center that left two dead and 15 wounded last May, but has since been ruled out as the perpetrator.