The 6 top terrorists on the prisoner list

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Hamas terrorist Hassan Salameh is serving 48 life sentences for his part in three suicide bombings in 1996 in which 46 people were killed and 90 wounded; the planning of a 1995 suicide bombing; and killing a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel. Abdullah Barghouti, a senior Hamas member and master bomb maker dubbed 'the mechanic,' was sentenced to 67 consecutive life sentences for preparing the bombs used in a string of suicide bombings in 2001 and 2002. In the attacks in Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion and Tel Aviv, 66 Israelis were killed and 500 wounded. The attacks included the August 2001 Sbarro bombing in Jerusalem, in which 15 Israelis were killed; the triple bombing at Jerusalem's Zion Square in December 2001, in which 10 Israelis were killed; the blast at the Moment Cafe in Jerusalem in March 2002, in which 11 Israelis were killed; and the Sheffield Club attack in Rishon Lezion in May 2002, in which 15 Israelis were killed. Barghouti also supplied the bomb for the attack in a cafeteria at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in July 2002, in which nine Israeli and foreign students were killed, and provided the explosives belt used in the attack on a No. 4 bus in Tel Aviv in July 2002, in which nine Israelis were killed. Yahya Sinwar, one of the founders of Hamas's military wing. Sinwar has been in jail for over 20 years. Fuad Shubaki is considered the Karine A weapons ship paymaster. The ship was en route to the Palestinian Authority in the Red Sea when it was seized by Israeli naval commandos in January 2002. Ahmed Sa'adat is accused by Israel of plotting the assassination of former minister Rehavam Ze'evi. Hassan Yussuf is considered one of the most prominent Hamas leaders in the West Bank.