Two teenagers killed in accident involving Egged bus

accident 88 298 Zaka (photo credit: Zaka)
accident 88 298 Zaka
(photo credit: Zaka)
Two teenagers were killed late Tuesday night in a horrific accident involving an Egged bus, pedestrians and a private car on Rehov Mintz in Petah Tikvah. Both victims were initially evacuated to hospital by Magen David Adom medics and were pronounced dead after efforts to save their lives failed. Police said that the bus driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel and the bus spun out of control, veered onto the sidewalk and hit two teenagers. One of the teenagers was killed and the other sustained serious injuries. The victim was later identified as 13-year-old Zohar Molman from Petah Tikvah. The bus then swerved back on to the street and hit a parked car in which two 15-year-old boys were sitting. The bus hit an electrical pole, started a fire and one of the teenagers in the car was killed immediately. The second youth was evacuated to hospital with serious burns. Police said the driver, identified as Suleiman Alisawi, an Israeli-Arab from Lod, was a maintenance worker at Egged and had taken a bus with the employers consent. He was also driving with an invalid license. Egged officials, Police said, would also most probably be questioned about the accident. The driver's remand was extended by five days by a court.