Weekend Wrap, July 8

Seven wounded in rocket strike on Sderot; Ahmadinejad warns of reprisals to Gaza incursion.

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weekend wrap 88
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7 wounded in rocket strike on Sderot Two Kassam rockets fell on Sderot on Friday afternoon. One of the Kassams fell in the city's central market, wounding seven. Three people were hit by shrapnel from the rocket, while four were in shock. Three of the wounded were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital. PMO: Dichter does not speak for gov't A statement released by the Prime Minister's Office refuted remarks made Friday by Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter remarks that Israel would not rule out the possibility of releasing Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of captured soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit and for the cessation of Kassam rocket attacks against Israeli targets. Baghdad: Mosque attacks kill nine Bombs and a mortar round struck four Sunni mosques in Baghdad and northeast of the capital Friday, killing at least nine people and wounding eight, authorities said. The mortar round landed in front of the al-Nidaa Sunni mosque in northern Baghdad about 2:00 p.m., killing five people, including a policeman, and wounding two worshippers, the army said. Authorities disrupt New York terror attack Authorities have disrupted planning by foreign terrorists for an attack on New York City tunnels, two law enforcement officials said Friday. FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms used by extremists learned in recent months of the plot to strike a blow at the city's economy by destroying vital transportation networks, one official said. Ahmadinejad: Don't attack Gaza Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Friday that continued Israeli strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip could lead to an "explosion" in the Islamic world that would target Israel and its supporters in the West. Japan insists on N. Korea sanctions Over Chinese and Russian objections, Japan introduced a draft Security Council resolution Friday that would punish North Korea for its series of rocket test-launches with sanctions and an order to halt ballistic missile development. Backed by the United States, Britain and France, the resolution condemns the series of missile launches that the North conducted Wednesday after both its enemies and allies around the world warned it not to.