Woman shoots, kills man in restaurant

Incident occurs in a birthday party in which both attacker and victim drank.

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gun 88
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A 25-year-old woman from Bat Yam shot and killed a 37-year-old man using a handgun at the end of a birthday party in a restaurant on Har Zion Ave. in Tel Aviv late Thursday night. The man, identified as Yaakov Fredashev was shot twice in his head and upper body; he died instantly. Police revealed that the man and the woman were related. When questioned, the woman admitted to shooting the man at point blank range, described how the incident occurred, and expressed remorse. She claimed that both she and the victim were drunk. However, police stated that although they consumed alcoholic beverages, they were not actually intoxicated. According to the woman's testimony, she shot the man after she refused his repeated requests to see her gun. However, Israel Radio reported that the woman asked Fredashev to look over her gun while she was away. When she returned, she asked him if he did as she asked. He then answered: What would you have done if I hadn't? An argument broke out between the two outside the restaurant, during which she reportedly put the gun up to the man's head and shot him. Head of the crimes department in the Yiftah district Ch.-Supt. Ronen Avniel told Israel Radio that the crime was unlike other murder cases that Israel Police investigated, due to the absence of a motive. The woman, who was licensed to carry the handgun as part of her work as a security guard, was arrested by police forces, and her weapon was confiscated. The police brought the woman to the Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court on Friday, requesting to extend her remand.