Ya'ir Naveh criticizes disengagement program

OC Central Command Ya'ir Naveh on Thursday sharply criticized 2005 disengagement program, saying that "from the outset, I insisted that there was no security consideration here, and that this was a decision whose motives would be scrutinized in the future." In an interview with the religious radio station "Kol Chai," Naveh, who is expected to resign from his post in the summer after 32 years with the IDF, added that the settlements in the West Bank were neither temporary nor dependent on political perceptions. He noted that civilian-army relations had undergone some difficult times, such as Amona, Homesh and the controversial house in Hebron that was taken over by Jewish settlers last month. Appealing to Yesha heads, Naveh said that "the misunderstandings between us are not about the vision, but about the way [to achieve it] - a spiritually motivated difference of opinion."