Yes... Those who would have been let go

1. A-Latif Shakir Convicted for his part in the murder of soldier Akiva Shaltiel on the Petah Tikva-Rosh Ha'ayin road in 1985, and for planting a bomb in a Tel Aviv cinema in 1986. 2. Naser Nazal Former head of Hamas military wing in Kalkilya, dispatched terrorist who killed woman on the Bar-Ilan Bridge in 2002. Two life sentences and 30 years. 3. Zid el-Cilani Stabbed and critically wounded an IDF officer at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market in 2000. Planted bomb in taxi from Tel Aviv to Afula in 2001, killing one person. One life sentence and 40 years. 4. Said Badarne Planned bus bombing in Hadera in 1994, killing five people. Recruited and trained Hamas terrorists. One life sentence plus 30 years. 5. Muhammad al-Karm Planned suicide bombing of Haifa bus in 2001, killing 15. Sentenced to 15 life sentences and 20 years. 6. Walid Anjes Aided bombings in 2002 at the capital's Moment Cafe, killing 11, at the Hebrew University, killing 9, and a billiard club in Rishon Lezion, killing 16. Twenty-six life sentences. 7. Ibrahim Shamasne Murdered two teens and a taxi driver in 1990. 8. Eid Shalalda Hamas member, murdered an Israeli in 2005 and planned to carry out a suicide bombing. Life sentence. 9. Adris Rajbi Involved in a string of terrorist attacks in which 22 Israelis were killed, including a bus bombing in Haifa in 2003 that killed 17. Sentenced until 2032. 10. Fadi Juava Convicted of organizing a Haifa bus bombing in 2003. Eighteen life sentences.