Yesh Din: Gov't doing nothing to investigate illegal outpost building

The human rights movement Yesh Din charged on Sunday that the authorities have done nothing to investigate complaints about illegal building in a Jewish outpost in the West Bank, despite alleged promises by the Civil Administration to make violations of planning and building laws in their initial stages the top priority. According to Attorney Shlomy Zachary, who is representing Yesh Din, "construction, excavation and quarrying works" have recently been found to have been taking place on several locations in and around the Elmatan outpost. Zachary wrote that when a Yesh Din volunteer called the Civil Administration to report the construction work "she encountered a wall of indifference." Yesh Din demanded that the Civil Administration send out supervisors and Supervision Unit staffers to investigate the construction, find out if it is being carried out with permits and according to approved plans and take legal action against the perpetrators if the work turns out to be illegal.