15 questions for viral sisters Renny & Eden

The charismatic duo opened up to JPost about their viral stardom, their unique relationship, and what they have planned for the future.

The #GrinshpanGirls Reel
Two Jewish sisters are taking the Internet by storm with their hilarious, offbeat, and often food-filled videos. Renny and Eden Grinshpan are mixing up the best of Jewish, Israeli, and Millennial culture. The ladies can be found on EdenEats singing and dancing their way through essential topics like perfecting the art of grilled cheese, and educating us on topics like today’s must-know Hebrew slang and the oddities of daily life in Israel over at Ha’Israeliot (The Israeli Girls).
Originally from Toronto, Canada, both sisters have since relocated and continue creating viral videos together while residing thousands of miles apart. Eden is now based in Brooklyn, and Renny calls Israel home after having made aliya almost 3 years ago.
The charismatic duo opened up to JPost about their viral stardom, their unique relationship, and what they have planned for the future.
What’s your background, and how did you end up where you are today?
E: I went to Le Cordon Bleu in London, England right out of high school. After graduating with a Grande Diplome in Pastry and Cuisine, I decided to backpack through India and southeast Asia. While in India, I shot a video of myself reopening a cafe at an orphanage I was volunteering at. That video is what sold my first series to the Cooking Channel, EdenEats, getting me into the television industry in NYC.
R: Oh, but Eden I think you’re forgetting that I was starting at NYU when you conveniently decided to move to New York - hehehe you followed me there!
E: Ha, that’s true!
R: So I guess that’s where my path started too. After studying at NYU, I got my masters in video journalism at Columbia. Once I graduated, I moved to Tel Aviv to be with my Israeli fiance, where I’ve been living for nearly three years and working as a host, actor and writer for the past year.  
How did you decide to start filming videos and build your online brand?
R: I had just quit my job as a content writer at Tross Creative House in Tel Aviv on the grounds that I wanted to get into the entertainment industry. So I called Eden, who’s been working in it for the past several years.
E: And I had been wanting to shoot some YouTube videos, so when Renny called me, I literally jumped at the chance to work with her!
R: It was kind of perfect because Eden had the content (the recipes) and I had the technical side covered (the shooting and editing skills). And I had filmed some episodes for YouTube with other people and found that my on-camera chemistry with Eden was actually something really special.
Eden, can you tell us about your role on and experience with Chopped Canada?
E: I’m one of the judges and I absolutely love every other judge and crew member on that set. It’s been such a great experience and I’ve met a lot of really talented chefs from around the country. I feel really lucky to be apart of that project.
Do you consider yourself a chef?
E: I am a culinary graduate but I refer to myself as a cook because I don’t work in a restaurant. Opening a restaurant is a dream of mine and hopefully it will happen one day.
How do you manage to make videos together, being that you live in different countries?
R: I flew in, YO! And we filmed a bunch at once in Eden’s kitchen. Then I took the footage with me and edited it here in Tel Aviv.
How do you come up with the ideas?
R: I can’t take credit for anything. It’s all Eden. She’s so good at coming up with new recipes and ideas!
E: Stop Renny! It’s a total collaboration. I come up with the recipes but we don’t have a script. So when we film, we both just follow our instincts and feed off each other’s energies, which is really what makes the show.
How did you gain the social media momentum that you have today?
R: I’ll let Eden take this one. Ha!
E: I’ve been in the industry for several years and I’ve been involved in several projects over those years, so it just grew organically. Though I can say this: food porn shots always help. Wink!
Have you invited any special guests to be in your videos?
R: We haven’t but we SHOULD. Who should we invite Eden?
E: I’d say our dream guests are definitely Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig.
R: And Amy Schumer!
E: Oh, the dream.
What’s your favorite/secret ingredient to use?
R: Bacon. Always. Duh.
E: For Jerusalem Post - ha! Tres kosher. Mine is tahini. It’s not a secret, it’s just my favorite. I could put it on anything and everything - and I do. 
What’s your favorite part about working together?
E: All we do is laugh.
R: Yes, it’s just the best! Working with Eden doesn’t feel like work.
E: Aw, it’s true! And I think we’re really in tune creatively.
R: Definitely! We’re able to get stuff done and enjoy the whole process.
When either of you are making a video, what are the three things you always need at hand?
E: Food, obviously. Music and drinks.
R: Yes, yes and double yes.
Is there anything you would want to say to aspiring videographers, entertainers, or chefs?
R: Don’t get carried away with thinking or planning, just go out there and DO.
E: And don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Remember that the only thing that separates you from everyone else is YOU, so be yourself and remember that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
Who has been the coolest person that you have met and what piece of advice did they give you?
E: Our dad. He always says, “if you can do it, then do it!”
R: For me, it’s Woody Harrelson. I don’t remember what he said - but I know it was smart.
E: Good one, Ren.
Have you guys always been this close?
E: Ya, she’s my baby!
R: Eden’s always been my best friend.
To all the sisters and siblings out there, what do you recommend to keep the friendship and the love going?
R: This is so cheesy - YES! I live for this!
E: I think: always making sure to put in time for each other. Or to do really fun activities together that remind you of your childhood.
R: I second that. Ugh, LOVE YOU.
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