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Are you one of the 1% that can find the starfish in this picture?

An amusing little photo search has been posted on TikTok that has intrigued many a user.


Electing old leaders can harm your country's democratic values, new study finds

Can online civic education strengthen democratic values? Young people in Tunisia may provide the answer.

Jewish comedian Modi Rosenfeld, a mainstay for Orthodox audiences, is gay. So what?

The news could easily have come as a surprise for one swath of Rosenfeld’s core audience: Orthodox Jews from communities like the one where he grew up, where LGBTQ inclusion remains unfamiliar

By Jackie Hajdenberg/JTA

Maccabi Tel Aviv narrows gap on Greens

Zahavi stars vs Mac Haifa, Glouch says goodbye to yellow-and-blue • Beitar blanks Bnei Reineh


Oscars 2023: Who are the Jewish nominees?

Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner and more Jewish names have been nominated for the 2023 Oscars.

Ian Black, respected Jewish journalist and Middle East expert, dies at 69

British Jewish journalist Ian Black, who spent most of his career at The Guardian which he joined in 1980, also did a stint at The Jerusalem Post.

Disturbed on their way back to Israel this summer

Lead singer and staunch Israel supporter David Draiman: Roger Waters is cordially invited.


‘Hebrew in the huddle’: American football kicks off another season in Israel

On Saturday night, the AFI kicks off its season in Bet Shemesh with a matchup between the Bet Shemesh Rebels and the Jerusalem Lions, in front of a sold-out crowd of 400.

By Jacob Gurvis/JTA

An inspired partnership to employ autistic adults

An innovative new method to help adults with autism engage in society.


Amichai Chikli's father: He has 'openness, tolerance of inclusion' - interview

Last week, Chikli emphasized that he was not a member of the Conservative movement and did not grow up as a Conservative Jew.

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