A diamond on the second date? Big NO-NO: how to match jewelry to every stage of your relationship

Does every piece of jewelry come with its own implications? This guide will help you choose the right piece of jewelry for the right time.

diamonds 298.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
diamonds 298.88
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You know that wonderful feeling that fills your heart the moment you receive a gift that is perfect for you? One in which a lot of thought has been invested, which is good display of what you mean to the giver and above all, which is simply stunning?

Well, it is easiest to be on the receiving side but the greatest wisdom is to be on the giving side. Looking for a gift for a good friend, partner, wife-to-be, or new mother? No need to worry. That's what we're here for. These are the perfect jewelry pieces for every life stage.

A true friend is worth gold, or silver, or white gold

When you look for a quality gift for a good friend or girlfriend, a bracelet is a great option. This isn't super romantic so there is no confusion or embarrassment to come with it, but it is a gift that shows how important he or she is to you. Just like your relationship, a bracelet is also a good friend and if you get stuck in the choice, it can last for years.

‘They were the young lovers in the most beautiful moments of life’

Well, it is quite clear that at the beginning of the relationship, there is no need to make arrangements for diamonds. However, if you still want to give a beautiful gift to your new partner, the perfect choice would be a necklace with a pendant.

This is an item that is not binding but does create a connection and declare intentions. Gold pendants, gold pendants inlaid with gems, Judaica, and even a classic and immortal pearl necklace, are all lovely gifts that show the recipient how much they mean to you. It's totally a win-win situation for everyone!

Necklaces can also be unisex, so this gift can work for both genders.

Declaration of intentions and doomsday weapon of the best sort: the diamond

Well, the couple nailed the pendant chain, a little more water passed in the river and that's it, the moment has come to announce a get-together with a story: I do!!

For this, he went for the woman's best friend, the diamond. A diamond ring has become the way to get engaged in recent years, and we all know that if there is no diamond - it's really not an engagement ring. You can always go for the classic, you can play with the design, the color and the finish, but this stone must be there.

What gift do you get for new parents?

New life is cause for a party. Maybe not for the new mom, she'll probably be too tired but she still deserves a gift! She will always be happy! So of course the most exciting thing is a piece of jewelry with reference to the birth. One example is a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a boy or girl.

This way you can add a pendant to each birth and design the family you are building with a piece of jewelry on the mother's neck or hand. Another option is earrings, maybe even tight earrings, the kind that the little baby won't be able to pull. Of course, heart-shaped pendants or rings are always the right answer. Good luck with those late nights, mom and dad!

The silver and gold anniversaries

If you ask us, the real success in life is reaching the stage where you celebrate the silver anniversary: 25 years of marriage. The first years of married life are not always easy; couples are busy establishing careers, bringing children into the world, sleeping (or not sleeping), and learning from each other. Still, after all that, your love survived and now it's time to reap the rewards.

The children have grown up and are independent; you can finally fly on all the trips you dreamed of doing when they grow up, and most importantly - celebrate your love that survived the test of time. So how do you celebrate such a happy occasion? With a jewel, of course.

Diamonds are also an option here. The diamond can come on a ring, on a pendant, in earrings, or on a bracelet. We are sure that after 25 years together you already know exactly what your spouse likes, and we certainly wish you at least another 25 good and happy years.