Is Fauda going to resurrect a departed character?

Actor Firas Nassar stops by the set of filming for the show's third season

Firas Nassar as Nidal in Fauda's season 2  (photo credit: NATI LEVI/YES)
Firas Nassar as Nidal in Fauda's season 2
(photo credit: NATI LEVI/YES)
The third season of Fauda is bound to contain twists, surprises and plenty of action. And it might even include a character coming back from the dead.
The official Fauda Instagram account posted a photo late Monday night of the show’s two co-creators, Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, alongside actor Firas Nassar.
Nassar played terrorist Nidal “Al Makdasi” Awdallah in season two, and (spoiler alert) the season ended with Doron (Raz) purportedly killing Nidal with a gunshot. But did he?
“Look who dropped by,” the photo caption read, without noting, of course, if Nassar was visiting for fun – or filming.

Shooting for the show’s third season began filming last month, and is set to explore storylines related to Hamas’s smuggling tunnels in Gaza. Yes said the season is slated to premiere in Israel later this year – and it will likely be months after that before it lands on Netflix.
The network said the upcoming season will take its characters deep into Gaza to “harm the Hamas infrastructure,” and to get to “the head of the Hamas military wing in the Strip.” In order to do so, Doron will go undercover as a boxing coach in Hebron in order to become acquainted with a senior Hamas figure living there.