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Envelope (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Electric bicycle menace
I always turn to Avi Katz’s “From the sketchbook” when The Jerusalem Report arrives and was very happy to see his contribution in the May 4 issue.
I was a little old lady who was almost run down by an electric bicycle.
Sheila Brull
I never like this left-slanted cartoon and I object to Avi Katz’s snide remarks about Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz’s mental age. I believe that it is the opinion of most Israelis, whatever their political affiliation, that Katz is the best minister of transportation we have had.
Yan Sever
Kibbutz Moran, Galilee
No massacre
Why do Israeli historians, for example Daniel Gordis in “The Begin Phenomenon” (May 4), persist in stating that there was a massacre at Deir Yassin during Israel’s War of Independence, when survivors of Deir Yassin themselves pointed out that there was no massacre?
For example: “There were no rapes. It’s all lies. There were no pregnant women split open. It was propaganda that Arabs put out so Arab armies would invade. They ended up expelling people from all of Palestine on the rumor of Deir Yassin” (Muhamed Radwan, Deir Yassin survivor and fighter). “The Jews never intended to hurt the population of the village, but were forced to do so after they met enemy fire” (Yunes Ahmad Assad, prominent Arab survivor).
Nomi Benari
The only safe place
Danny Ben-Moshe in his “Open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” (April 20) suffers from the delusion of so many in the Diaspora, who would not have to live with the reality of a Palestinian state, would reject the right of Israel to exist and would soon become another terrorist state hell bent on destroying the Jewish state.
From the safety of Australia, Ben-Moshe declares his Zionist credentials but refuses to recognize the victory of the democratically elected leader of Israel because it does not conform to his vision of utopia that exists only in leftist fairy tales.
Netanyahu does not need your congratulations and Israel does not want to sign its death warrant so that you can feel a bit better about yourself with your liberal friends. If you want to make a real difference, come back to Israel, because as anti-Semitism hots up around the world, it’s the only place you are likely to be safe.
Daniel Baum
Canada and the US have practically outlawed Christianity in favor of Islam in politics, academia and media. School children are not permitted to wear T-shirts or necklaces that have religious symbols in public schools and secular progressives want to ban it in Roman Catholic schools as well, but Muslim girls are permitted to wear the hijab, burka and niqab.
A Jewish friend attended a Palestinian protest in Edmonton, Alberta, and was promptly removed from the front of city hall by police when he had a confrontation with Muslim protestors. Later, I attended the same protest and spoke out to the media because there was no one else that I could find willing to stand up for Israel’s right to exercise self-defense.
Our Western governments ignore the call from the people to stop the Islamization of our schooling at all levels, and stop all Islamic immigration to my country. Our governments in North America do not want to have immigration of Middle Eastern Christians and Jews, but open ourselves to Islamic immigration.
L.J. Middleton
Edmonton, Alberta