MADA Montreal: Putting community first

The Montreal MADA community center not only tends to people who come to the center, but also reaches out to more isolated Jewish communities.

MADA Montreal (photo credit: Courtesy)
MADA Montreal
(photo credit: Courtesy)

The Montreal MADA community center evolved from a small community center to one of the city's largest centers for relieving poverty in the community, says MADA. 
The center includes a furniture department, a clothing depot and store, a soup kitchen, and what is believed to be the largest kosher food bank in Quebec.
"The MADA community center is for every Jew in Montreal," Rabbi C S Cohen tells The Jerusalem Post, be it for spiritual, religious or humanitarian needs.
The "MADA Meal Mobile" also allows the center to reach out to more isolated Jewish communities, explains Gili Spingler. He adds that the mobile cafeteria has facilitated the establishment of "satellite" communities where people can socialize, eat and "feel that there is someone to take care of them."
"We don't just wait for people to get to us," he emphasizes.