Pessah Supplement 5767, II

Moscow matza; Pessah in Bergen-Belsen; From Spain to Israel; picnic season with Israel's top chefs; US student's seder.

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Struggling to remember The Jews of the FSU have started to search for their past and consider its implications for the present. More and more are choosing to stand at Sinai. 'Celebrating' Pessah in Bergen-Belsen The diary of two young men incarcerated in a concentration camp recounts a grim life and brave struggle to keep tradition alive. Free at last From Spain to Israel: One girl's journey to personal liberation. Fine dining al fresco With picnic season in full swing, 'The Jerusalem Post' invited four of the country's top chefs to the Jerusalem hills to prepare the perfect Pessah outdoor spread. Spiritually stranded American students studying abroad hesitantly eye Seder invites. The flowering Negev The Jewish people may have spent 40 difficult years in the desert, but one weekend in the northern Negev can be a true retreat.