The Weekly Schmooze: Bibi, the soccer star

JPost column on hottest Jewish news: Schmidt's a male model; a Larry David birthday rap.

weekly schmooze 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
weekly schmooze 311
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Politicians don't usually show up in the Schmooze, but we'll make an exception for this well-timed picture of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Or should we call him Ben? Netanyahu sprained his ankle playing soccer with Arab and Jewish children almost a month ago, and reporters have been saying that the prime minister is using the injury as an excuse to, well, hide from them. This week, Buzzfeed uncovered a photo of Boston high school student Ben Netanyahu's "dexterous ball-handling," probably without even realizing the irony. It turns out that the prime minister can play soccer without falling.
Netanyahu playing soccerNetanyahu playing soccer
Last month, Edon Pinchot, the "Jewish Justin Bieber" debuted on "America's Got Talent," and since then, he's made it through the show's ranks. This week, he performed David Guetta and Sia, to an impressed panel of judges who, as the Schmooze has mentioned before, are all Jewish – Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Howard Stern. "Jew are terrific," Mandel quipped. "Did you receive a standing ovation at your Bar Mitzva?"
One of this year's most beloved new TV characters was the very very Jewish Schmidt of "New Girl," played by the hilarious Max Greenfield. Of course, now that we're in the throes of summer reruns, you probably miss Schmidt – but have no fear! Greenfield showed up in this month's Glamour magazine in a very Schmidt-like photoshoot. Can you just imagine the roommates making fun of him for calling dark red "Oxblood?" Or trying to convince Cece to wear matching outfits? Only two more months until "New Girl" comes back. Sigh.
Another hilarious Jew on TV – if not the hilarious Jew on TV – turned 65 this week. No one seems to have documented how Larry David celebrated, and if "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is any indication, he probably doesn't know how anyway. However, a paparazzo caught the legendary "Seinfeld" creator-writer-producer on his birthday, and rapped for him. David was not impressed.
Finally, we have two people with an uncanny resemblance: Dr. Ruth Westheimer and "That 70s Show" mom Debra Jo Rupp. It's trange, but true. Rupp portrays Dr. Ruth in a new one-woman show "Dr. Ruth All the Way," about the legendary sex therapist and former Haganah sniper.
Uncanny resemblanceUncanny resemblance
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